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    vRA 8 - On-Prem - Issues with Proxy

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      vRealize Automation 8 - Proxy


      Looking for some help on two points regarding using a Proxy for vRA 8 (on-prem). I've seen that better proxy support is currently slated for 8.0.1 but I wanted to get a head start at my client on making sure all required URL's are whitelisted (e.g., *.docker.io).


      Adding Cloud Account

      At my client, when I attempt to add an AWS endpoint, no matter what I type into the keypair, when I press validate it waits for about 30 seconds and then returns "Credentials validated successfully". When I view the proxy logs, I can see it attempts a connection to "ec2.us-west-2.amazonaws.com" 6 times with a 200 response code. If I do this in my own lab through a Proxy I can see that it also hits that URL first and then goes through the rest of the region endpoints successfully (with 200 response codes).


      This would indicate to me an issue with the Proxy at my client. However it's the same proxy we use for vRA 7 against AWS/Azure, and if I do a CURL on the appliance itself through the proxy it is working fine. This proxy does not have auth configured.


      A similar issue is occuring if I try to add an Azure account, though at least that doesn't say the credentials validated successfully. If I try to add either Cloud endpoint, even with valid credentials, they both fail.


      I'm not sure what logs I can look at in vRA 8 (nothing jumped out at me in Log Insight). Any thoughts on why the proxy is working for vRA 7 but not vRA 8?


      Executing nodejs ABX using on-prem provider

      I configured the proxy for Docker by following the KB which allowed me to deploy the initial on-prem container. However when I run a nodejs action that has dependencies it is failing to run, and there are no connection attempts through the Proxy. Are dependencies through a Proxy not supported? Is there more configuration required or is it coming in a future version?