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    qfle3 driver crashing ESXi 6.7 U3

    Thurai Lurker

      Our Dell PE R730 Esxi hosts 6.7U3 is crashing with PSOD. We are using Qlogic 57810 10 GbE nic cards. It can not be a hardware issue since it is happening on three servers after the upgrade. Anyone had an issue?

      We did use Dell Vmware.iso for upgrades.

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          Vijay2027 Expert

          Do you have a PSOD screenshot or vmkernel-zdump?????

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            ctfb Novice

            First thing to do is open a ticket with VMware as there are several unaddressed bugs with the Qfle3 drivers.  Next, know that there's a few KB's related to the Native qfle3 drivers across functions of the Qlogic NIC (FCoE, iSCSI, Etherenet) but the main one for Ethernet traffic the TSE's we've worked with have referenced is KB52044.


            The challenge with this KB is that it hasn't been updated since 11/27/2018 and other KB's for QFLE3 drivers (just do a search on VMware.com) have been released since so TSE's have a tendency to find the later KBs which all recommend to upgrade to the Qfle3 driver release but that version does not address all PSOD's, especially ones related to network traffic.


            This KB is for QFLE3I but has the link to the latest driver pack which includes the driver



            The latest Dell ISO for 6.7 Update 3, A02, also includes the driver



            Unfortunately, VMware was unable to confirm if the crashes we experienced, and are associated with KB 52044, are actually resolved with qfle3 v1.0.86.0 driver so we chose the safe route to revert to the bnx2x driver for now.  We'll switch back to qfle3 once a new driver is released and VMware can confirm the PSOD issues have been addressed.