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    RDM - VMWare - Failover Cluster - Server 2016 - Disk increase / extend / expand

    KMHH Lurker

      Hi all

      I have a 2-node cluster that comprises of;


      • 2 x Windows 2016 servers on VMWare 6.5 connected to HP SAN.


      These nodes have an RDM attached.  This RDM is in physical mode.


      When extending the RDM on the SAN (which was done whilst the VMs were running) I noticed the following:

      • The guest OS immediately sasw the increased size.
      • The VM - Edit Settings - shows the original size and not the increased size.


      Even after issuing command:


      vim-cmd vmsvc/reload 'vm-id'


      the size seen by the VM in VMware did not change. The ESX host does see the increased size however.


      1. Is this something i can safely ignore?
      2. Have I missed a step?


      I reviewed this article below also which doesn't mention anything

      VMware Knowledge Base