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    VMware Disk Provisioning with SSD Flash Storage

    Shepcon Novice

      I'm building a new VM that will be used as a SQL 2019 Standard server running Windows Server 2016 Standard.  Very small environment with only 5 or fewer users connecting to the SQL server for use with an accounting application and small DBs.  My single ESXI host is running 6.7 and all flash SSD storage on a Dell PowerEdge R740.  RAID6 with 6 SSDs on a Perc H740p controller.

      My question is regarding disk provisioning and best performance (Thick Provision Lazy Zeroed, Thick Provision Eager Zeroed, Thin Provision).  I know in the past for best performance with SQL and Exchange setups, Thick Provision Eager Zeroed was considered best even though the space required.  However, I am reading about the different disk provisioning setups when using all flash SSD storage and the differences appear to be somewhat the same now with the benefit of SSDs.


      Any input is appreciated.