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    Overlay and VLAN NVDS naming

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      I have a little bit confusing about NVDS Naming.


      While I create a transport zone Overlay and VLAN, I need to specify a NVDS name. I can give same or different names for both.


      Sometimes, I see some articles which consist that same or different NVDS name is used. This is confusing me...


      But, I noticed that if I use the same NVDS name for both Overlay and VLAN, I can't choose Overlay and External port group separately for Fastpath Interface during Edge creating. Whereas, It needs to be set uplinks respectively as Management/Overlay/External for Edges.


      What I want to ask ; Which one is correct for design and best practices ? Same or different NVDS name? What is advantage or disadvantage to use same or different NVDS name?



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          Edge design is thoroughly discussed in the Reference Design found here: VMware® NSX-T Reference Design


          Ultimate goal which is possible in 2.5 is to have a single NVDS for both overlay and VLAN. This is the simplest and recommended design. I always use a single NVDS for host transport nodes and for Edge I do the same on 2.5 or use 3 NVDS (1 overlay + 2 VLAN) in NSX-T 2.4.


          Regarding connection of Edge fastpath interfaces you have to think that this is actually the uplink of a NVDS that resides inside the Edge itself. If it is an edge VM it can be connected either to the hosts vDS or NVDS in a collapsed design. Either way the port group (or segment) of the host just needs to be a trunk so it can correctly tag traffic going to physical network and carry both the TEP VLAN tag or T0 uplink tag.