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    Any video training material for NSX-T 2.4 or newer?

    ShuaiY Lurker

      I know vmware sells a on-demond NSX-T 2.4 training recording, but is there any other options from other training providers?

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          RaymundoEC Hot Shot
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          coursera has one on design I belive, and there is a bunch of videos on youtube like demos, and stuff far from marketing, but also tech marketing has a good ones, I suggest if you are looking for teaching by doing go to Hands-on labs and don't follow the script there and play with everything from scratch using installation manuals if you want to be certified this helps you as well, I remember use them for exams and I used nowadays for break and fix.


          There is no other way to get formal training than mylearn or apply to vmug advantage as well but those are not like official courses.


          hope this helps