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    Technical Consideration for NSX-T on NFV

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      Hi there guys,


      I'm curating and collecting kind of de-facto "improvements" for supporting VNFs so, for example, vIMS of XYZ vendor in generic terms there is a lot of technical points to consider to support it but when the conversation turns in to SDN, things a kind blurry or disperse, so first is hard to reproduce yourself mini telco since software is kind of difficult to get it, most probably you can argue that out there are like an all in one to open source software to build form scratch the vIMS and vEPC but still you need some antennas and such, anyway the idea can be to check or validate what is the behavior in terms of practical approach, again out there you will find vendor benchmarks but happens the same for example with Oracle DB, and probably this can explain what I  need from the community, in this case there two way to virtualized Oracle DB on vSphere (in common sense, and remember I said in vSphere) one can be P2V if we are taking about an x86 based hardware running the DB on top of linux OS by now let’s assume like this, so this approach is functional but not optimal for whatever reason is the worse way to do it since you don't take in account many things that can blow in your hands, on the other side you  can create a cluster formed by a new fresh VM and the bare metal host talking in terms of Oracle DB,  taking the focus on VM (of course) you take care of the spindles and discs and luns and  scsi channels and so many other things for having an optimums migration of this DB, you get the point, well same happens with VNFs in where I want to document the "things" that NSX-t need to be prepared for hosting the VNFs so, for example, the design decision of SRIOV or not, DPDK configs, with that we can have some reference for doing as we do for vSphere.


      so, any feedback can be important and please share your thoughts.