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    mccutcheon3233 Lurker

      I Just install 2.2 in pure ipv6 environment and i am unable to ssh or ping default gateway of the appliance..



      any help would be great

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          Hello mccutcheon3233,


          Welcome to VMware Communities !


          SSH is disabled by default on Skyline Appliance. We can enable SSH by following the steps mentioned below


          1. Open the Skyline Collector console via the vSphere Client/Web Client
          2. Login as root and the root password defined during deployment
          3. Run 'vi /etc/ssh/sshd_config'
          4. Enter 'i' to modify the file in VI editor
          5. Locate the line that contains 'PermitRootLogin no' and change the value to 'PermitRootLogin yes'
          6. Save the changes by hitting ESC + typing ':wq!'
          7. Restart the sshd service by running 'service sshd restart'


          Please check the network configuration using the following KB article


          VMware Knowledge Base 


          Please share the information requested in the following link if the problem persists


          Smartsheet Forms

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            mccutcheon3233 Lurker

            This is not the correct answer if you read my statement I am not even able to ping the default gateway on a ip6 only configuration.

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              Hello mccutcheon3233,


              I have a few questions to understand the issue further:


              1) Please check the output of '/opt/vmware/share/vami/vami_config_net' from the Appliance shell and verify if the network configuration is correct.

              2) Do you have any other VM on the same vSwitch/PortGroup/ESXi using IPv6 only?

              3) Do you have any other VM the same vSwitch which can reach the IPv6 gateway? 

              4) What is the version of vCenter and ESXi running the Skyline Appliance?


              Please share your contact details on the following link and let me know a convenient time to contact you: 



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                mccutcheon3233 Lurker

                1. the conifurations output looks the same as one of my vcenters.

                2. Yes

                3. Yes

                4. Vcenter 6.7u3 esxi 6.7u2

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                  Hi mccutcheon3233


                  • Can you please check if you are able to get a response from the Collector Appliance when you initiate a ping from the VM on the same vSwitch, this should confirm any issue with Layer 2 connectivity.
                  • Also please check  '/opt/vmware/etc/lighttpd/lighttpd.conf' on the collector make sure "server.use-ipv6" is set to ”enabled”.
                  • It could also be an issue at the Appliance OS level, try to redeploy the collector once from a fresh source.


                  If the issue persists please share your contact details, we will need to work over a remote session.

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                    mccutcheon3233 Lurker

                    I have vrops and vcenter running on the same vlan and same host with out any issues.


                    I did check the setting you ask and it is enabled

                    I also have deployed 2.1 version and 2.2 both have the same issue.


                    I will ping you my direct contact information