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    beckysol Lurker

      hello everyone,

      i was trying to install VCSA on esxi vm windows server 2019 and at the appliance deploymnet stage  when i enter the ip address, username and password  i am getting this error saying "Failed to get an SSL thumbprint of the target server certification".


      so my question is can i install VCSA on Esxi vm windows server 2019 and if i can how can i resolve these error

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          daphnissov Guru
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          You're conflating two things, the vCSA, which is a Linux-based appliance, and the legacy vCenter for Windows installation. They are mutually exclusive. You should only be deploying the vCSA at this time.

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            beckysol Lurker

            how can i deploy the VCSA then i mean where should i deploy it are you saying i should create a vm with linux host and deploy there?

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              daphnissov Guru
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              The vCSA includes a Linux-based OS. You simply deploy the whole VM package to an ESXi host and select a datastore where it should run.

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                Amin Masoudifard Expert

                VCSA is a customized Linux-based appliance (Photos OS) that will be deployed by the VCSA deployment wizard. When you mount the ISO file on your client system, there are three folders that you should choose each of them based on your client OS type (Windows, Linux, MAC). So you can run the installer exist that folder and then the deployment wizard is started. After completion of phase 1, you can see the related VM is deployed into the ESXi hosts. In the second phase of the VCSA installation, you must configure the deployed VMs.

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