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    Question for Early vRA 8 Adopters

    rs7386 Lurker

      Hi Everyone,

      I am currently tasked with deploying vRA in a new,on-prem only environment (on a very tight timeline). We are currently debating which version to move forward with. Was wondering if any early adopters of vRA 8 had some insight on how painful it has been in terms of bugs and underdeveloped features.


      The pros and cons we have identified so far include:


      vRA 7 Cons:

      -Longer lead time (deployment)

      -Higher resource consumption

      - Multiple Windows Server licenses consumed

      - Requires a migration later, including reworking of multiple components


      vRA 7 Pros:

      • - Long established product with more mature features
      • - More web resources and documentation due to being out longer



      vRA 8 cons:

      • - Publicly available for only 2-3 weeks, risk of bugs in initial version
      • - Less online documentation/resources (official and unofficial)
      • - Some traditional features aren’t as developed
        • Approval Workflows
        • others?



      vRA 8 Pros:

      • - Streamlined deployment process
      • - Services centralized, no longer requiring Windows and MS SQL licensing
      • - Less resource utilization
      • - Don’t need to worry about migrating and reworking later


      Concerned about building out 7, getting our users used to that look,feel and feature set only to migrate a few months later to a new product,with a new look and feel and some new features and some removed features. Re-working workflows also seems like it is going to be painful after migration.


      Also took a look at some documentation and this blog post which was pretty helpful: vRealize Automation (vRA) 8 FAQ


      Thanks in advance for any tips

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          KocPawel Hot Shot

          If it is an production environment definitely version 7.6. 8.0 for now has a lot of bugs. As you noticed it has only few weeks. For version 7.x you have a lot of articles, KB etc. which could help you in trouble. But 8.0....you don't know what to expect

          But it is only my opinion.