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    VCAP DCV Design - Need Advice

    g0dMAn Novice

      I currently hold a double VCP6 (data center and network).  It's almost 2 years since my last exam.

      I'm looking to get the VCAP DCV Design by end of 2019 (job offering a worthwhile incentive).  I'm leaning towards the VCAP6-DCV Design since I only need to take one exam.


      Is it silly of me to not be going for VCAP 2019?  I'm not looking to spread myself thin given the end of year deadline I'm trying to meet.

      My ultimate goal is to eventually become VCIX, but short-term is rather important of becoming VCAP by end of this year.


      Lastly, hoping to find guidance on which class and study material to look for.  I've just begun my research, but I know there's a wealth of advice here too.  I have the green light for one class that my job will be paying for.


      Thanks for any advice!