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        ccnasaurabh1 Novice

        I am still Straggling for Host Profile but for HOSt profile, Remove networking from host , Remove host from cluster , add networking ,add storage ,remove storege all stuff taken  by PS Script And I called All PS script using VRO. That's it!

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          rseddiki Lurker



          Same XaaS service I am trying to code. it's an E2E Workflow to deliver a new Blade Cisco B200 (later maybe mutltiple Blades)

          Start point : new Blade with CIMC (~=iLO for HPE) IP address.

          Endi point : ESXi up and running under a chosen Cluster


          I have an NFS windows Server when I store my ISO image (6.7) and my kickstart file. the tricky part is:

               1 - I want to have the ''general'' version of the kickstart on my vRO because I want vRO to edit certain variables for example :

                         network --bootproto=static  --ip=$IP --netmask=$masq --gateway=$GW --nameserver=$ns --hostname=$hostname

               2 - vRO will get from our IPAM/DNS servers all network information

               3 - Create a copy of the original kickstart file edited with the appropriate values on the remote location NFS server with the name file that I already configured inside the ISO image and do the neccessary sharing configuration (if need it).

               4 - Continue the rest of what you already talked about here (SSH CIMC interface and mount ISO on CD/DVD...etc)

               5 -  delete the file from the NFS server.


          Is it possible or am I missing something ? if possible, can you help me with each step described.

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            aslk5 Novice

            Is mounting an ISO and virtual floppy/usb at the same time also an option? I was thinking of trying the same thing with a ISO+kickstart pointing to the virtual floppy. The kickstart would be hard coded location and I would have to find a way to write out the kickstart file i want and create a .img from it.


            The floppy would be named the same as the host I'm building so I wouldn't have any issues running multiple concurrent workflows.


            Seems like it would work but I'm a long way off from that point for now.

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              rseddiki Lurker

              No it's not an option for me.


              I have a kickstart script as a text resource Element, All I want to do is :


                   1- parse the resource Element and edit the values I want (IP, mask, hostname...).

                   2- create a copy of it and then SCP the file to my NFS server

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