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    Windows 10 issues

    Abhi12pusa Lurker

      We are working with Horizon 6.2 in our environment, we are facing few issues when we deploy windows 10 in production.

      windows 7 is working absolutely fine where windows 10 is becoming a pain. i have mentioned issues we are facing here, please help to get this resolved.

      1. IE is not showing in Task bar or start menu.

      we are unable to fined IE in start menu of task bar, we need to type shortcut command i;e iexplore.exe in order get IE page, in master base image we can see IE and it is working, we get this issue when we provision the desktops for production.


      2.Getting windows defender error.

      we are getting error of windows defender at t he bottom of the page , again after provision not in base image.


      3. search bar not working.

      we are not able to see search bar when we go to start menu, these all three issues occur only when we provision.


      please help to get this resolved ASAP.





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          sandeep_nambiar Lurker

          Hi Abhishek,


          Ever found a solution to the issue?

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            HussamRabaya Hot Shot


            have anyone found a workaround or solution for these issues

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              danflynn Novice

              1.)  Not sure on this one, we just hid most of the task bar icons and just created a custom start menu using "Start Layout File" in group policy.  Then used desktop shortcuts for the important things.  I believe the only way to pin things to the task bar in Windows 10 is via a Sysprep xml file.

              2.)  Are you turning Windows Defender via group policy?  This should hide it, I have seen that some times it does show for a second then if you mouse over the shield disappears.

              Turn off Windows Defender

              Computer Configuration -> Polices -> Administrative Templates -> Windows Components -> Windows Defender -> Turn off Windows Defender | set to "Enable"

              3.) You have to re-enable the Windows Search, I'm guessing you used the VMware optimizer which disables that service.  (I would then remove the user from the indexed locations under "Indexing Options" in the control panel.


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                Jamesgiggs Lurker

                The most problems arise on Windows if the system gets shut down certainly without an alert. If this is the case, then start the how to fix preparing automatic repair Windows 10 method, which is an effective workaround to solves the problem.

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                  mchadwick19 Hot Shot

                  I can't answer all, but I do know #1 is most likely caused by OSOT (or another optimization tool) removing the active setup stubpath for IE. There is an item at the bottom of the latest OSOT called "Remove MS IE Initializer Setup."


                  I'm pretty sure this is what you want to revert or reimplement the ActiveSetup stubpath in your image.