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    Odd mouse behavior is guest OS when connected via OS X Screen Shaaring

    JHerming Lurker

      Hello to all.


      I am trying to chase down an odd behavior with the mouse in the guest OS when connecting to the host machine via Screen Sharing. The situation:

      • When I connect to a machine hosting a Boot Camp virtual machine,  by way of Screen Sharing, everything seems to work fine with both mouse and keyboard on the login screen; however, once I log into the guest OS, the keyboard continues to function properly but the mouse pointer disappears. Primary button click does not seem to produce any action (although it is impossible to tell where it is) but secondary button click seems to bring up context menu.
      • The same problem is seen across multiple similarly configured machines.
      • The Host OS is Mojave. The guest OS is Win 10 Enterprise. Both OSs are at current patch versions but the issue has been present since initial installation on all machines.
      • I am currently running Fusion 11.5 but the problem was the same with 10.
      • Everything works properly when working directly on the host machine. The mouse issue only appears when interacting by way of Screen Sharing.
      • While I am considering the possibility of going VNC directly to the guest OS, I would prefer to understand and resolve the issue that I am experiencing.


      Thanks in advance for any insight!