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    NSX-V Role & Permissions

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      My request is what is the role should i assigned to a domain user to perform all NSX tasks without any access to vCenter tasks or for minimum Read-Only to vCenter tasks.


      Because as per my understanding from the below screenshot, if i give NSX admin it will be with R&W access to vCenter & SSO configuration. is that right ?




      Please advise,

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          Nick_Andreev Expert

          Hi @HassanAlKak88,


          No, NSX roles are for permissions to NSX. vCenter and SSO configuration you are referring to is for pairing NSX Manager to vCenter in NSX Manager appliance GUI.

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            Bayu Wibowo Master
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            If you want to access to assign a user or a group to access NSX, you need to assign rights for the user/group to vCenter first.

            Then only after that NSX can give permission to the user, as per this doc NSX assign a vCenter User: Assign a Role to a vCenter User

            If the user does not exist or has not given a permission to vCenter, then you will not be able to give NSX permission to the user.

            A minimum Read-Only access to vCenter is required.


            If you want to give permission to a group, then you can review this doc: Group-Based Role Assignments

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