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    No connection from VM to outside and viceversa spite are connected to the same vswitch

    galois6 Lurker

      Hello All,


      I have a small home lab on my laptop and I have few problems on it. I'd like to fix it to learn the product.


      ESXi 6.7 is installed VMware Workstatation for Linux (My dist is Kubuntu 18.04 with no firewall). And virtual machines are inside esxi.

      I've configured networking, and I can ping outside from esxi. I can reach my lan, and getting internet.

      For the other hand, virtual machines can ping esxi server but cant reach lan or internet connection.


      In conclusion:


      Reach Virtual Machines <- ESXi -> Reach Physical Computers & Internet


      Virtual Machines  ----------> Can't reach Physical Computers & Internet

      From Physical Computers & Internet ----------> Can't ping Virtual Machines


      Virtual machines can ping each other.


      I've read a lot, I've done several things but nothing works. :S


      All my machines are in the same network:


      Also, from my understanding, all my vm and vmkernel are attach to the same vswitch.


      Does anybody know how to fix this problem?

      Sorry for my poor English