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        mouraMXmouraMX Novice



        Just adding to the thread...


        I attended a VDI event a couple months ago where Hilko was explaining the functionality of OSOT and what we can expected for the future of it.


        He said that still this year a new version will be released, the idea is to integrate OSOT with UEM, and a new approach in how you can optimize a VM, you'll have the option to receive the best optimization settings based in few questions that the tool will ask for you.... maybe based on use cases, Worker, Developer... I don't know, he didn't mention.


        I'm using it for 1803 and works pretty well, I didn't test it with 1903, because of the problems with snapshots + VMFS6 + 6.7u2.


        Oh, and the OSOT itself doesn't do all the job, I've been using the VDILIKEAPRO template with some changes and different settings, and other manual tasks during the audit mode, sysprep, and customization.


        Let's see, I agree with you guys, they should have a better support for it. I hope they'll do something about it.

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          Claudio_R Novice


          New version released:

          VMware OS Optimization Tool

          September 21, 2019

          version b1110




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            VMware Employees

            I've not seen this thread, but happened to stumble upon it today and want to add a couple of thoughts as some of the conclusions above might not be correct.


            1) The reason for not updating OSOT for quite a while had nothing to do with us not making time or wanting to update. The problem we had was that Windows 1809 and higher made it impossible to get into a well working state. We needed fixes for vSphere and fixes from Microsoft, both taking quite a while to appear. In the meantime OSOT was working well with 1803 and older, so we had nothing to update. Unfortunately every fix that came out from Microsoft caused something else to break, it took till mid September till we had a well working combination of vSphere, Windows patches and OSOT settings for 1809+. And we released OSOT in the same week as we found a well working combination. Keep in mind that 1809+ will still not perform as well as 1803 or the best performing version so far: 1709. (which has nothing todo with OSOT but changes to the operating system that can not be undone by optimization)

            2) Yes, we are looking at productizing OSOT and possibly even integrating it with other products. Why we've not done this earlier is because the demand wasn't that high, Windows 10 made it more prominent. About competitors having productized it earlier, well yes, but they didn't have a fling in the years before, nor do they have as much optimization as OSOT. Productizing also has disadvantages as making changes would be a much lengthier and harder process. And while this might be a fling, we have always had a dedicated engineer for our flings who's priority is OSOT. OSOT is build during business hours with the same build system as all our productized software. Some of my work and others are also done during business hours, and yes some time during the evenings, but that's done because I want to, not because I have to.

            3) Using non VMware templates isn't recommend, the one mentioned above is a copy of our old template, but then with nearly everything turned on and a couple extra settings. There is a reason why certain items are not selected by default, whenever we have two or more customers having issues with certain optimizations and apps we deselect them as defaults. Having hard to trace issues isn't worth a percent or less density. Also keep in mind that older copies are missing all the latest fixes!


            Anyway, there is a new version of OSOT, which even includes support for the soon to be released 1909 version, and there is another update planned in a couple of weeks to add support for Windows Server 2019. We want to overhaul the server templates completely, but didn't want people to have to wait with Windows 10 1809+.

            The latest version of OSOT includes fixes for start menu delay, working with domain admin, much lower idle usage and sysprep.


            The Creating an Optimized Windows Image for a VMware Horizon Virtual Desktop | VMware is also updated as 1809+ doesn't work consistently with mandatory profiles.

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              HPU-ADM Enthusiast

              Thanks, I appreciate the response.

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                Claudio_R Novice


                Thank you  for providing useful information

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                  jroback Novice

                  Thanks for the background on this, it was very helpful!     With regards to this:


                  Keep in mind that 1809+ will still not perform as well as 1803 or the best performing version so far: 1709. (which has nothing todo with OSOT but changes to the operating system that can not be undone by optimization)


                  Have things settled down at all as of 02/2020 with performance on the newer builds?   Given the short lifespan of the Windows 10 builds, I was hoping to use a fairly current one like 1909 for our next rollout, but don't want to shoot ourselves in the foot out of the gate with bad performance.

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