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    Possible HomeLab configuration, please comment

    farkasharry Hot Shot

      Hi all,


      My next possible HomeLab initial config would be this:


      1 x Supermicro SuperServer E200-8D Xeon 6-Core Intel® Xeon® D-1528 6x 1.9GHz / 12 Threads / Turbo-Boost 2.5GHz

      4 x 32GB DDR4-2666 CL19 ECC reg. Samsung

      1 x Sandisk Ultrafit 16GB USB 3.1 for ESXi partition

      1 x Samsung 970 EVO Plus SSD M.2 1 TB (For nested VSAN cache tier disks)

      1 x Samsung 860 EVO TLC SSD 2,4 2TB (For nested VSAN capacity tier, DC/DNS, etc)


      My use case is to run nested ESX environments with NSX-T, PKS, for testing and learning purposes

      My options were to either take the config above, or a 3 node Intel NUC setup with M.2 SSDs and USB sticks for ESXi. What do you think? Any comments are welcome!


      Thanks in advance for your comments!