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    Automatically log on to VDI desktop as different user?

    twoton Novice



      I am trying to set up a small group of VM's that are presented to users as desktop pools, but they are isolated from the primary network where AD runs and they are not joined to a domain.  As such, I have disabled SSO so that users can user their domain credentials to authenticate to the View server, but then they are presented for additional Windows logon credentials at the standard Windows logon screen.  We have a mix of thin clients and software clients as well as HTML access, but most users connect from the Horizon thick client installed on a Windows OS. 


      This works, but it would be nice to enable automatic sign on to these VM's since every person connecting will be logging in as the same user.  I've searched around for various options but haven't found anything that sounds like it will work.  Anyone have any ideas?