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      • 90. Re: Mac Catalina and Fusion Has Black Screen
        bhelmick Lurker

        In my case I got the black screen to disappear immediately by right-clicking on the vmwarevm file in Finder, selecting Open With, and then VMware Fusion

        Open opening I got the alert that security preferences needed to be updated but then Windows finally opened anyway

        When I went back to System Preferences it was already open but with a different screen - i.e. Security and Privacy which indicated that "System Software from VMware was blocked from loading"


        Checked off "Allow" box and all was well

        • 91. Re: Mac Catalina and Fusion Has Black Screen
          aliengin Novice

          VMware Fusion (10.1.6) never asks for Screen Recording permissions. There is no "+" button to add anything myself either. This is so frustrating.


          • 92. Re: Mac Catalina and Fusion Has Black Screen
            hellachow Lurker

            If you don't see Fusion in the screen recording it's because you downloaded the latest v11.5.0. Whereas you need 11.0 or 11.1 to see it. It worked fine for me.

            • 93. Re: Mac Catalina and Fusion Has Black Screen
              kevmcgowan Lurker

              Worked like a charm. thank you

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                Charliegian Lurker

                I have opened "screen recording" in System Preferences, but it is blank.  VMWare Fusion has not requested to be added to it, and it does not appear that one can add an app to the screen recording preference independently.  I am running Fusion 10.0.1.

                • 95. Re: Mac Catalina and Fusion Has Black Screen
                  JohnAschenbrenner Lurker

                  That worked for me thanks.

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                    derekbrowne Lurker

                    I installed the latest Catalina OS official release and the black screen issue started immediately.  i hate to say it but... i went from 10.x to 11.5.0 and the problem went away for me.  i was going to upgrade anyway so no great loss and VMWare recently saved my butt in auto-recover of a corrupted vm file so i was happy to get working again

                    • 97. Re: Mac Catalina and Fusion Has Black Screen
                      pcwiz1102 Lurker

                      Here's what I found that worked from.  Depending on your version of VMWare Fusion, I had to upgrade the program to version 11.5.0 and that removed the black screen issues that I was having after upgrading to MacOS X Catalina.  Its might be something that you can try to see if it works for you.

                      • 98. Re: Mac Catalina and Fusion Has Black Screen
                        KatueDavison Novice


                        Black Screen now gone and Windows opens normally!


                        Running Fusion 10 having just upgraded to Catalina.


                        I found my License Key from VMWare > License and copied it to my clipboard.

                        Deleted VM Ware App (not the windows file)

                        Installed the trial version (v.11.1.1) from the VMWare Website

                        Opened the app and the Mac asks for permissions (including screen recording) to which I said Yes!

                        Closed the app.

                        Re-installed v.10.1.6 (again, on the VMWare Site) and re-entered my License key

                        App opened normally with my Windows file, like nothing ever happened!

                        Deleted the v.11 files and double checked, all is well



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                        • 99. Re: Mac Catalina and Fusion Has Black Screen
                          h4x354x0r Lurker

                          I've been fighting this problem for a couple weeks now. It started working once, after I was messing around in the Display prefs, but then I had to reboot my Mac for something else and the black screen came back. No amount of futzing with display prefs would bring it back. Part of my problem is that the licenses I'm getting through my institution are actually 365-day Evaluation licenses, not real licenses, obtained through a 3rd party, and there's absolutely ZERO support for them, and I can only get version 11.0 from there, not 11.1 or 11.5. I spent hours installing, uninstalling, reinstalling, upgrading, messing with settings, etc. to no avail.


                          Here's what I ended up doing to fix the black screen problem on my Mac when trying to upgrade to VMWare 11 and Mac OS Cortana:


                          1. Search my mac and delete every file with "VMWare" in it. There are quite a few of them in other places than what's listed in the KB Article on how to un-install Fusion 11. In particular, I found a VMMON file in /Library/PrivilegedHelperTools that I hadn't previously deleted. There were even a couple way down in /Private/etc/path.d, and a couple in [user]/Library/Application Support/com.apple.sharedfilelist/com.apple.LSSharedFileList.ApplicationRecentDocuments I deleted ALL of them.


                          2. Rebooted


                          3. Downloaded and installed version 11.5


                          4. VMWare wouldn't let me open my VM from inside the app, but I could right-click on my VM and say "Open with..." and open it up, and it worked.


                          I never had to do anything with screen recording settings, or anything else, once I really truly deleted ALL the VMWare files from my computer before rebooting and reinstalling. I had downloaded and installed the 11.5 version on top of my existing 11.0 installation, and it gave me an error that some vmon file was the wrong version, and wouldn't boot. I don't remember the exact text of the dialog, but I think it was referencing the VMMON file mentioned in point 1 above.


                          My VMWare is now up and running again, I can see the screen, I can work in it.




                          I've got a blow-by-blow angry rant of all the other things I tried that didn't work posted on Twitter. Shoutout to the rep on twitter tonight who helped me out even though I'm not supposed to get any support. For the most part I had already gone through all the KB articles he pointed me to, but he tipped me off to the fact I could download the 11.5 version straight from VMWare, and the license I got from my cheesy licensing portal would work on it. That's what finally got me over the hump.

                          • 100. Re: Mac Catalina and Fusion Has Black Screen
                            dlhotka Virtuoso

                            Be very careful that you have a good (not time machine) backup strategy.  Fusion 10 is two versions old and wasn't even supported on Mojave.

                            • 101. Re: Mac Catalina and Fusion Has Black Screen
                              rickylove Lurker

                              this worked for me! thank you!

                              System preferences > security & privacy > screen recording > Vmware Fusion > make sure it is checked !

                              • 102. Re: Mac Catalina and Fusion Has Black Screen
                                Charliegian Lurker


                                Thank you.  This worked for me.


                                • 103. Re: Mac Catalina and Fusion Has Black Screen
                                  rydoo42 Lurker
                                  1. Turn off VMWare Fusion
                                  2. Go to System Preferences
                                  3. Go to Security & Privacy
                                  4. Select Screen Recording
                                  5. Check VMware Fusion


                                  This should fix it.







                                  • 104. Re: Mac Catalina and Fusion Has Black Screen
                                    edkraemer Lurker

                                    Thank you, sincerely for this post.  You are most helpful...

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