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    The verification of VimPortType.cloneSession() failed even with a new clone ticket

    Flying_Cat Novice

      We have a critical problem when using the new vSphere authentication in our remote plugin server, the below steps of new authentication approach are following the remote plugin sample from the SDK 6.7u3:

      1. Firstly, clone a ticket by sending a REST request ‘/vcenter/session/clone-ticket’ to the vsphere-ui service with vcenterGuid, vmware-api-session-id and vmware-gateway-url.
      2. Then construct a SOAP request to obtain a regular session ID from the Web Services API by using the cloneSession() operation on the VimPort(com.vmware.vim25.VimPortType.cloneSession(), our vim25 version is 6.7-7970399).

      The issue is, if the first user with a session id passed the new authentication(step1 & step2), the other users with their new session ids would be failed to pass the verification of step 2 - clone session for VimPort(step 1 still passed), and the error stack like this(attached our log file):

      Do anyone have the suggestions for resolving this issue? Appreciate that