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    High Availability (Redundant) UEM Share

    himcrucified Enthusiast

      I'm trying to determine the best method for providing a high availability file share for UEM configs and user data files. I've looked into DFS-R (while disabling multiple login sessions) and this seems better than nothing, but even if I dial down the client namespace cache down to 1 second the user shares will still hang if one of the servers is rebooted or fails. This would also interrupt any user files that are open, file transfers that are in progress, etc..


      Therefore I was thinking that maybe a better solution would be to leverage the SMB (3.0) Transpartent Failover feature outlined here: SMB Transparent Failover – making file shares continuously available – clausjor


      Has anyone tried these methods (or others) that they would recommend? Any thoughts, considerations or experiences that would be helpful in determining the best path forward?