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    Unable to Install VMware Tools after updating Fusion

    phkc070408 Lurker

      Hi all:  I have a MacBook Pro running MacOS 10.15. I have a paid VMWare Fusion 8.5.10 but temporarily updated to 11.5.0 due to macOS Catalina issue [beta]. Unfortunately, after updating, I am unable to install the VMware Tools.  They download and I go through the installation process, but there are no results.


      I tried ridding my computer of any trace of VMware Fusion.  I deleted all of my virtual PC files, and ran "App Cleaner and Uninstaller" to get rid of any traces hidden in the library.  When I went to install Fusion 11 again, my one month trial started over, indicating that any traces left on my computer were in fact removed.  I created a new Virtual PC, installed MacOS 12 on it (Sierra), installed VMWare tools, restarted my Virtual PC, and Nada.  Nothing happened.


      I created this log, I hope it helps.  The file is over 300MB, so I uploaded it to my Google Drive.



      I wasn't able to find anything else out about this issue by doing a Google search.