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    NTP Info from VRO

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      how can i find the next ESXI info from VRO:


      NTP Service Status

      NTP Servers

      Current time and date


      thank you

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          var hostServiceSystem = host.configManager.serviceSystem;
          for each (var svc in hostServiceSystem.serviceInfo.service) {
            if (svc.label == "NTP Daemon") {
              System.log("NTP Daemon service found");
              System.log("    is running: " + svc.running);
          var dts = host.configManager.dateTimeSystem;
          var ntp = dts.dateTimeInfo.ntpConfig;
          System.log("NTP servers: "  + ntp.server);
          System.log("Current date/time: "  + dts.queryDateTime());
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