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        chrislists8 Lurker

        I came across this and it works for me. Disable the SVGA.



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          gebanks Novice

          This link seems to be broken.  How do you disable the SVGA?

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            rickpage Lurker

            I'm having the same issue. Here is the link to the Youtube video.

            5 Minutes Tips: Avoid VM Tools install results in a black screen - YouTube

            I'm hoping to get this resolved as well.


            My issue first started with the Windows 10 host crashing while doing a background update that I wasn't aware of while I had a Windows 10 vm running. I am guessing the Windows 10 vm was also in a middle of an update.

            After restarting, the host finished doing its update and I launched the vm. I got the Windows screen where you need to press a key, swipe up or any other action to bring up the login screen.

            Unfortunately, the login screen would flash up and then disappear back to the original screen. Even going into safe mode resulted in the same results.

            Luckily, I could go into vm settings and enable auto-login. I was hoping problem solved, until auto-login brought me to a black screen.


            I have now disabled 3d acceleration, and reduced resolution down to 640x480 and hoping the above video can shed some light.


            UPDATED: The video was useless. How is one suppose to reinstall the vm tools when the screen is black. Unfortunately, I do not have a snapshot of this vm. I was able to go back into vm settings and disable auto-login. But now I am back to my original problem of not being able to login.

            I have read that I need to perform a windows upgrade repair. But guess what?! You need to first be able to login into Windows and do the upgrade. It can't be done from the bootable iso.

            It is very frustrating when the tools to fix a problem can only work when the system is working in the first place.

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              vas7 Lurker

              When the VM starts (when you see the POST screen and before the Windows start)

              • press F12 in order to start the "Automatic Repair" (it's a little tricky to get, need to try a few times probably)
              • In the "automatic repair" screen select "Advanced options"
              • On the next screen select "Troubleshoot"
              • On the Next screen "Advanced Options"
              • On the next screen "Startup settings"
              • On the Next screen hit "restart"
              • In the list of options select "Enable Safe mode" or "enable Safe mode with networking"


              Windows 10 now boot in safe mode and you can see the desktop

              Use the Search tool and locate the "This PC" app, right click on it and select Manage.

              When the Computer Management loads select "Device Manager" from the list on the left and

              in the "Display Adapters" section, select the installed "SVGA driver" (that causes the problem) and right-click on it.

              Select update Driver --> Browse my computer for driver software --> Let me pick from a list of available drivers on my computer

              and choose Microsoft Basic Display Adapter.


              Restart and the black screen is fixed

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                Aibola Lurker

                I like to add that I have the same issues with my Windows 10 Pro 1903.


                This is my basic image that even hasn't got the VMware tools installed.

                In the preview screen of the Fusion virtual machine library I see that the machine boots to the desktop.

                Even when typing the password I can login to the machine.

                Schermafbeelding 2019-10-11 om 14.16.59.pngSchermafbeelding 2019-10-11 om 14.17.57.pngSchermafbeelding 2019-10-11 om 14.18.17.png

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                  wila Guru
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                  You really should not have tagged onto this old thread as there are way more recent onces discussing this, the issue you are having is curable.


                  In macOS itself you have to allow the screen recording entitlement under menu -> apple -> preferences -> security & privacy

                  If you are on VMware Fusion 11.x then it should ask you and Fusion should be in the list.

                  If you are on VMware Fusion 10.x -or earlier- then it does not ask, nor is there a way around that AFAIK except for installing Fusion 11.x


                  Sounds like you are on macOS Mojave or Catalina and in both cases VMware Fusion 11.5 is the supported version.


                  For more info see: Re: Fusion 10.1.6 and MacOS CATALINA?



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