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    VmWare Fault tolerance set up

    RanjithKoolath Lurker

      Hi Team,


      I have a quick question regarding Fault tolerance set up in vmware .



           I have an environment with 22 servers and need to set up FT for it.



           This application requires same IPs to be retained on both DCs \ clusters in vmware.


      Plan to Implement:

           1. Set up same same infrastructure in both clusters (this includes IPs, cpu, ram,storage etc.exactly same in both cluster). Lets call the clusters as DC-1 & DC-2. Then, shutdown the DC-2 to avoid           IP conflict.

           2. Set up active-passive fail-over

           3. DC-1 will always be up and syncing the data between DC-2 (which will be in shutdown mode) all the time

           4. If there is a host failure in DC-1, FT will bring up the passive cluster and vms will serve the data from there



           Will the above scenario work?

           Any suggestions to simplify or improve this design?

           Any documentation that will guide me here?


      Thanks alot in advance!.