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    vSphere HA failover works bad on shared NFS storage

    GiacomoNasi_IMA Lurker

      I have installed ESXi on a host and on-top of it I have installed a Windows Server with NFS server enabled and 2 nested ESXi hosts that share the NFS storage.

      In the NFS storage I have memorized files of a vm that must run on top of the 2 nested hosts.

      vMotion migration works well from a nested host to the other one, but when I try to see how vSphere HA host failover works, the vm host changes in the vSpehre Web Client but the vm is not powered on on the new host. Anyway after the failover, the vm is registered to the new host, but if I try to power it on an error appears:


      "An error occurred while creating temporary file for /vmfs/volumes/5c4f12d7-7269db2d-0000-000000000000/Guest/Guest.vmx: The file already exists"


      How do I fix this? And does anybody know how to share a VMFS (not NFS) storage over the 2 nested hosts?


      Thank you