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    VMware infra testing before placing in production

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      Hello Experts


      we have new hardware setup and ESXi installed on them .We are planning to move this blades to production .But before  keeping them in production i want to make sure all redundancy ,fail overs working as expected . is there any document process or steps where to start where to end what are to be tested like switch,networking,storage,VMware esxi HA,DRS,CLuster etc .basically i need to see even if one link goes down esxi should be be up and running on other link (redundancy /fail over) .Kind of testing all units .So is there any procedure, process,steps would be helpful

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          MikeStoica Expert

          First of all you would need to build the entire system to be HA. If you do not manage the networking/storage you need to work together with those teams.

          For the networking side you could disconnect one cable/close the port and everything should keep working if you have redundancy and you have configured correctly the vSphere Environment. Here you have details on how to configure HA,DRS Create a vSphere HA Cluster . To test both HA and DRS you will need to have some machine running on the servers.