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    VMware View 7.10 Update

    Marco1989 Lurker

      Does any of you already have experience with version 7.10?


      Can you recommend the update?

      Thanks :-)

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          HendersonD Hot Shot

          We are sitting at ESXi 6.7 update 3, View 7.10, and nVidia GPU 9.1

          Everything is running like a champ


          ESXi 6.7 does have two known bugs

          • VMware Knowledge Base - we do backup vCenter once a day and would like to retain only 5 backups since the backup files are very large. Currently this feature does not work. Once a week we go to where our backups are stored and manually delete all backups except for the previous 5
          • The logs files in /storage/seat fill up across a 3-4 week time period. VMWare support showed me where a lot of "Host hardware sensor state" false alarms are being seen, filling up these log files. They showed me how to SSH into vCenter, access the database and delete some log files


          The next update to ESXi 6.7 is supposed to have fixes for both of these  

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            PLUMkgm Novice

            We are updating Horizon from 7.8 to 7.10.

            (Adobe Flash end of support on December 31, 2020)


            Horizon 7.10 includes several enhancements to the Horizon Console.

            We are need to get used to the new console.

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              MaxStr Enthusiast

              I upgraded because 7.10 is supposed to be a extended support release, and HTML5 is feature complete. However, it's totally not worth it. The HTML5 console is terribly slow and still has UI bugs, so I've reverted back to using the Flash console.


              I recommend waiting for 7.11

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                Alberte1 Lurker

                Could you elaborate on the UI bugs and slowness?  I've been using 7.10 HTML for a week now  and haven't seen any bugs.  I don't see the console speed as being any worse than the flash version which is also slow when looking at desktop pools and sessions.