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    How to stop alerts while ESXi Host is in maintenance mode

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      When we work on ESXi servers that are in Maint.mode (done via vCenter), our vROPS 6.1 still creates alerts because we remove a physical NIC uplink for example. I'd actually expect vROPS to be totally silent about an ESXi server until we take it out of maintenance mode, but nope, it still generates alerts. Why?


      Is this expected behaviour7by design or am I doing something wrong ?


      If this is by design, would it help if I put the "host object" of that ESXi server inside vROPS (Inventory explorer etc.) in "vROPS maintenance mode". Does that shut up vROPS ?


      Regardless, I really expect vROPS to be so clever as to simply ignore all the horrible things we do to an ESXi server in maintenance mode, until it is taken back into production.

      In other words, It should be "vCenter maintenance mode = vROPS maintenance mode" so to say.


      Example:  we removed an Uplink from a dvSwitch and gave it to another dvSwitch while the host was in Maint.mode (via vCenter).  Still, we get these kind of alerts.


      Info:esxbs008.domain.local HostSystem is acting abnormally since Tue Oct 11 14:27:47 CEST 2016 and was last updated at Tue Oct 11 14:27:47 CEST 2016


      Alert Definition Name: The host has lost redundant connectivity to a dvPort

      Alert Definition Description: One or more portgroups in the host have lost the last redundant connectivity to the dvPort. The current working connection is a single point of failure for the reported port groups and might cause the services associated with the affected port groups to become unavailable.

      Object Name : esxbs008.domain.local

      Object Type : HostSystem

      Alert Impact: health

      Alert State : immediate

      Alert Type : Network

      Alert Sub-Type : Availability

      Object Health State: immediate

      Object Risk State: info

      Object Efficiency State: info

      Control State: Open




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