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    Alternative to Flex?

    DominikDie Lurker

      Since Flex will not be developed any further and the general support ends June 2019, I was wondering if there are any alternatives for Flex?

      According to VMware there is none..


      What do we need:

      - Encrypting VMs and require an domain account to unlock and use it

      - Setting an offline time limit for the VMs


      Would appreciate any ideas

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          zidum1 Lurker



          same situation for me.


          We are seeking for a solution, how to centrally manage VMWare Workstations Pro across company.


          We have decided to go with a Horizon Flex and found out, that this going to be discontinued.


          We were offered with Workspace ONE, which is obviously nice platform and we have quite a lot business cases for that.


          Problem is, that this not support this "Offline VDI" we are seeking for.


          I would definatelly appreciate any other solution, how to centrally manage VMWare Workstations, since:


          -     we don´t have overview, what is hosted there

          -     patch management is not existing at all

          -     Local IT often doesn´t have a clue, where those virtual machines are used, since this is often used by developers, production technicians etc.

          -     Forcing policies and port management (allow ports etc...)

          -     Disable possibility to create another machines then allowed

          -     .....


          Any clue? Third party SW?

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            kaiholzer Lurker

            Do you have any news for this issue? We are also looking for a alternative centrally managed and encrypted VMs with offline functionality.