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    vRA 7.6 Provisioning Failing

    hawks76 Enthusiast

      Just stood up a production instance of vRA 7.6.  Already stood up a test instance and everything worked fine.  no issues with customizations.  Stood up production instance exact same way the test instance is stood up and provisioning is failing with the following error.


      The following component requests failed: Windows. Request failed: WTRCLDAPP53: sendEBSMessage4(workflow=e4444aa5-b9fd-48ef-a308-8fc6a341ab6c) Error in state VMPSMasterWorkflow32.Requested phase PRE event (queue = 45e0c60b-798e-4b37-95f9-2c200c99f81d):

      Extensibility consumer error(20999) - SyntaxError: Unexcpected character in string: '\o' (Workflow:Workflow Dispatcher / Get ID (item22)#12758).


      What is baffling is the workflow tied to this event subscription is completing successfully with no errors.  I've combed through the JSON from the payload being passed and i'm just not seeing anything that sticks out.


      I did run across a KB about upper case letters in the tenant name (which i have) causing issues in 7.1, but the KB says it was fixed in 7.2.


      Any help is much appreciated.