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    Could not validate NIC settings - Corrupted Horizon Pools

    LukaszDziwisz Enthusiast

      Hello Everyone,


      I hope that someone might have so experience with the following error:  " Could not validate NIC settings. Desktop edit failed".  I'm seeing that error whenever I need t change any provisioning settings on our pools. Not all pools are affected but pretty much 75% of them. We are only using Instant Clone pools. I opened a Support Request with vmware and was told that there is corrutpion in ADAM database and Vmware cannot do anything as it is a microsoft product. To fix the problem I need to delete the pool and recreate it. I understand that deleting and recreating pool is not a big deal however it appears to be happening more and more. At first it was only affecting 2 pools and now it is 7 pools out of 10. I have recreated 2 pools so far and will test if I can change settings later. So far it looks good. We are using Horizon 7.8 and vcenter 6.7 U3.


      I'm hoping that maybe someone had a problem like this and might have a solution to that. Thank you in advance

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          Ragnawagrarama Novice



          I had the same problem and today i fixed it.


          I see this messages in my Connection server log file:

          2019-10-01T10:57:31.701+03:00 ERROR (0E7C-1B84) <pool-14-thread-8> [FaultUtil] EntityNotFound(entityId: 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): Could not find snapshot in VC

          2019-10-01T10:57:31.702+03:00 ERROR (0E7C-1B84) <pool-14-thread-8> [FaultUtil] UnexpectedFault: Could not validate NIC settings: (vdi.fault.EntityNotFound) {

             errorMessage = Could not find snapshot in VC,

             id = (vdi.EntityId) {

                dynamicType = null,

                dynamicProperty = null,

                id = BaseImageSnapshot/Nzg2ZDMwNWEtMzcxZC00ZGZlLWIxMzgtMzk5MWJiZTI3NGE3/MmM4MWU0OWQtMDdiNy00ZjA5LThmMDgtMDYwYjJhNzE3YzUx/L0wtUnVzLU1zay1Lcno3L3ZtL0N1c3RvbWVycy9JLVRlY28vVmlydHVhbGl6YXRpb24vSG9yaXpvbiBJbWFnZXMvZ21pLXN0ZC1jYg/dm0tMTU0/L1N0YW5kYXJkIDIwMTktMDktMTItMTExMi9TdGFuZGFyZCAyMDE5LTA5LTEyLTE4MzQvU3RhbmRhcmQgMjAxOS0wOS0xNi0xMTA4L1N0YW5kYXJkIDIwMTktMDktMjItMDkxMC9TdGFuZGFyZCAyMDE5LTA5LTI1LTIzNDQvU3RhbmRhcmQgMjAxOS0wOS0yOS0xMjU2L1N0YW5kYXJkIDIwMTktMDktMjktMTMwNS9TdGFuZGFyZCAyMDE5LTA5LTI5LTE2NDE/c25hcHNob3QtODky



          2019-10-01T10:57:31.735+03:00 ERROR (0E7C-1FA8) <ajp-nio-8009-exec-4> [Util] Missing message in MessageBundle for key: DesktopEditFailed

          2019-10-01T10:57:31.736+03:00 ERROR (0E7C-1FA8) <ajp-nio-8009-exec-4> [FlexFaultHandler] Could not validate NIC settings, Desktop edit failed

          2019-10-01T10:57:31.738+03:00 ERROR (0E7C-1FA8) <ajp-nio-8009-exec-4> [FlexFaultHandler] Could not validate NIC settings, Desktop edit failed

          A couple of days ago i deleted some old snapshots from my Golden Master Image and its looks like Horizon lost them from full snapshot path for the pool.

          I fixed it by pushing problem pool to the same snapshot as before. Horizon recreate full path of that snapshot and after that i can change settings normally

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            LukaszDziwisz Enthusiast

            Wow, that would makes sense why one pool works most of the time and then it doesn't. We are trying to cleanup snapshots and not have our Master images with more than 3 snapshots. I'll give it a shot and post the result here. Thank you for your help

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              sjesse Master
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              I find it easier and safer, to clone the master image, to multiple parent images and only place one snapshot and then delete and recreate the parents when an update is required. I've had fewtimes when most of my desktop pools failed ,l because the snapshot chain on the one parent image broke and all my desktop pools.

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                LukaszDziwisz Enthusiast

                Hmm that's an interesting approach. However, for our organization we ended up going with multiple department images  and we are supplementing them with only couple of singular appstacks (Max 3 due to logon impact) for some odd ball users. I wish we could go with with one image and do everything else on appstacks (have very high hopes for AppVolumes 4) but the amount of apps and it's tendency to break on appstack was just huge pain for us. We have started the environment with Departmental appstacks but that was just very inconsistent and at the end of the day one app was on multiple appstacks anyway. Due to time now and Windows 7 EOL we just dropped Department Appstacks and now dealing with multiple different images.