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    Auto-snapshot on host power-off

    kopseng Novice

      My main development environment is an Ubuntu VM guest running on a beefy Windows 10 Pro host (64GB ram, 16 core i9, 1TB SSD, etc). This is the best dev setup I have had so far, with one exception: Windows Update reboots my machine at regular intervals. This means I lose the state of whatever I was doing in the VM, which sucks, in case I left work in the middle of a debugging session.


      How can I configure VMWare to automatically take a snapshot when VMWare is instructed to close by the (host) operating system?


      I see there are various scripts (seems like Powershell?) floating around in the forums, so I could probably hack something together, if I was presented with an API or a VMWare Powershell SDK, but it would of course be much smoother if this functionality was already built-in. The only settings I found deal with what VMWare does with the snapshot when the guest powers down (Options -> Snapshot), not what to do when the host powers down.


      I am thinking that hooking a monitor into the System part of the Windows Event Log would do the trick, but it sounds rather involved ...