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    The ghettoVCB time-stamp-based rotation does not consider final status of previous backups which can quickly leave you with no backups.

    IT_Architect Hot Shot

      If for any reason you don't get the email, or you are not on top of them every day, it is possible that you will find yourself with no backups in a short time due to ghettoVCB's timestamp directory name rotation logic.  What is needed is:

      1.  A .conf parameter that allows the admin to choose a final status of warning or failed as the criteria for an out-of-timestamp-sequence deletion, with the default being warning.

      2.  A rotation method whereby the primary consideration for deletion is the final status, followed by the current timestamp directory name rotation logic.


      This is something I have mentioned before and have had some scares along the way.  I can't imagine other's haven't.  I just upgraded to the latest to handle the 6.x vSpheres, but I still don't see anywhere in the code that supports this safety feature.  I can't imagine a change more critical to ghettoVCB's competence as a backup solution than this.  If someone has already implemented this critical functionality, please share.