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    The deployed "LINUX" VM network settings are incorrect.

    MICDROP Novice

      I succeeded in deploying a Windows VM using Customization Spec. (allocated IP from Network Profile)


      However, there is a problem deploying Linux VMs.


      I used Customization Spec just like Windows VM, but the deployed VM is not IP-allocated, it stops deployment at 99% in the vRA, and it's marked "CustomizeMachine".


      custom spec.PNGCustomization Spec in vCenter

      blueprint.PNGBlueprint Setting in vRA

      deployment.PNGDeployment status in vRA

      managed machine.PNGVM status is "CustomizeMachine" (Infrastructure > Managed Machine)

      vm in vcenter.PNGDeployments stopped at 99% in the vRA, but VMs were deployed in vCenter.

                                                                                                                                                                            Network Adapter is Disconnected.


      VM ipaddress.PNGThe deployed VM does not have an IP.





      I want Linux VMs to get IP addresses automatically after deployment, just like Windows VMs.



      What should I do?



      I really need your help.



      Thank you for reading my question.