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    App Volumes writeable: logoff.bat, prestartup.bat, shellstart.bat, shutdown.bat, snapvol.cfg and startup.bat files

    Lieven Enthusiast

      Based on several discussions I have seen on this forum and several KB articles, I came up with a good working set of files to be adjusted in a writeable volume


      • prestartup.bat
      • startup.bat
      • shellstart.bat
      • logoff.bat
      • shutdown.bat
      • snapvol.cfg



      • vCenter 6.7 U3
      • ESXi 6.7
      • Horizon 7.10
      • DEM 9.9
      • App Volumes 2.18
      • Client OS: Win10 1803 (4 vCPU, 6 GB RAM)
      • Nvidia M10 (grid_M10-1b profile)


      Logon times have decreased to +/- 45 seconds when using a writeable disk and +/- 30 seconds without a writeable disk.


      I would appreciate if somebody could take a look at the files I am using. Maybe there are some things I overlooked or could do better.