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    Horizon Client for MacOS doesn't correctly scale Windows desktops

    svonsieb Lurker



      I experiment a strange issue regarding the screen resolution when I connect to a Windows 10 desktop through the Horizon MacOS client.


      I open the app and log in to the Connection Server. I click to a pool to access a desktop. The session automatically starts in full screen mode.

      The native resolution of the device is 1680x1050 pixels but the Windows 10 desktop stays in 800x600 pixels. It doesn't scale the desktop screen.

      If I change the view on MacOS (swipe desktop to left or right) and I come back to the session, the Windows 10 desktop refreshes the screen and then adapts the resolution to the native of the device.


      I use vGPU on NVIDIA Tesla M10 and it seems this issue arrives more often with this configuration.


      Any of you have encountered that too?


      Technical information:

      Server: Horizon View 7.4.0

      Provisioning: Instant Clones

      Client: Horizon Client 4.8.0

      Host OS: MacOS 10.13.4

      Guest OS: Windows 10 (1709)


      Thank you for your response.


      Kind regards.