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    VMWare Fusion Breaks Loading KExts

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      So I have a MBP 10.13.6 machine where I want to use both an external VPN and a VMWare virtual machine at the same time. My VPN is OpenVPN provided by Tunnelblick:Wha


      GitHub - Tunnelblick/Tunnelblick: The official Tunnelbick website is at https://tunnelblick.net; the official Tunnelblic…



      What I have discovered is that for some reason VMWare's various kernel extensions are incompatible with Tunnelblick's and can't be loaded at the same time. What is actually even more frustrating, is that if you load the VMWare Fusion extensions even once and then unload them (i.e. shut down the VM, or manually remove them) it actually STILL breaks Tunnelblick's ability to load the kexts unless you do a full system reboot.


      Can someone explain to me what exactly is happening with the VMWare Fusion kernel extensions that, even after they have been unloaded, have somehow broken the kernel from loading extensions?

      Please see: TunnelBlick can't load kext · Issue #575 · Tunnelblick/Tunnelblick · GitHub