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    Vsphere login PW/Ping issue.

    Naplesrob Lurker

      First of all I’m not an IT person. I’m a CEO/CFO. I know somethings about Windows, but not Linux. I have a problem. I wound down my company and my IT guy has left. He is unreachable. He installed our accounting system on a Linux virtual server. It was running MS Server and SQL Server. I hired a friend who owns an IT company, and he installed software that works with DATTO to backup the VS and then he was going to place it on a physical server that I can remove from our offices. In the process of installing, the server rebooted, but never came back. It is listed as registered, but you can’t ping it within the host server of anywhere on our network. He has been trying to resolve the issue, but he is very busy with his own clients and I need to get this back on line. I’ve powered it on and powered it off and on again, and it still won’t receive a ping. I found my IT guy had installed VSPHERE, but when I get to the page, the USERNAME and LOGIN I use at the host are not the same for the VSPHERE login.


      1.) Is there a way to reset the VSPHERE username/password at the host? Is there a default UN/PW that is installed, if my former IT guy didn’t change it?

      2.) Any ideas on why the VS is powered on but can’t be pinged? The other VS’s running on the same LINUX server can be pinged.

      3.) How do I find a local LINUX expert that could come to my office if I can’t resolve this my self.


      I hope this is the correct forum to post this.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated!