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    Network Drive label name

    esboces Novice
      SOFTWARE\VMware, Inc.\VMware TSDR\default shares\f1\

      I am mapping network drives automatically for users at logon using the registry key above.  It seems like after updating the horizon agent to 7.9 the label for the drive that gets mapped is just called Network Drive instead of "Drive letter on Computer name".  Does anyone have a fix for this issue?  It seems like if you map it manually through share folders the label is correct.  Thanks.

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          KjellO Enthusiast



          Did you open SR for this? I have had one open since the beginning of July after updating to 7.9 but VMware can't seem to figure this out.

          Perhaps if they get more cases there might be a solution quicker?




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          Kjell Øyvind

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            Mickeybyte Hot Shot

            Hi esboces, KjellO


            Do you have any update on this?


            I have the same problem. Created 2 shared folders in the Horizon client and they both show up as "Network Drive" without any more information. Sometimes 1 of them shows at "folder on clientname" but it's very random and the other one still shows "network drive".


            When using published applications from an RDSH host both drivers show up correctly ("folder on clientname").


            Very confusing...


            (Horizon 7.9)




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              esboces Novice

              I havent found a fix but I did write a script that is a workaround for the issue until it is fixed.  It seems like the issue is when the drive is first mapped.  If you disconnect and reconnect and it maps it a second time the label is correct.  So I wrote the following script to unmap the drive that I mapped via the registry key and then remap it again.  Just replace Z with the drive letter that "Network Drive" is labeled (Usually Z is default for the first drive mapped) and replace G with the drive letter you are trying to map from the client machine in the registry key


              Option Explicit


              Dim objNetwork, objShell, objUNC

              Dim Network

              Set Network = CreateObject("Wscript.network")

              on error resume next

              Network.RemoveNetworkDrive "Z:", True, True

              Network.MapNetworkDrive "G:", "\\tsclient\G" ,true

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                KjellO Enthusiast

                We are testing a SB build of Horizon Agent 7.9, it works but not with App Volumes Agent installed, so they are still debugging the issue.


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                  Mickeybyte Hot Shot

                  Sometimes, when I disconnect and reconnect, I get one of two redirected folders to get their name correct, but not always.


                  When I try to browse \\tsclient\c I get an error: Attempt to access invalid address

                  So the scripting part won't be helpful for me.