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    LSI 9211-8i card not showing any drives attached

    Toxicologist Lurker

      I have a third party card that is flashed with LSI-9211-8i 20x firmware running in IT mode.  As shown in the attachments this card is detected in ESXi.  I have a single 8TB NAS drive attached and it is not being detected.  The drive is a seagate 8tb ironwolf drive.  I have seen other posts where the passthru was not working but the post claimed it was fixed is ESXi 6.7u1 and I am running ESXi 6.7 U3.  I installed a driver and after that install, the adapter shows up in the device list, but no drives attached to the adapter show up in the drive list.  Multiple reboots have been attempted, nothing works.  The card showed up in the device list BEFORE the driver install but did not show correctly.  After the driver install, it shows correctly but the issue of the non-detection of attached devices continues.


      I have confirmed the following.

      - I can get into the SAS config utility during boot.

      - the attached hard drive has power and feels like it is spinning

      - The attached drive is attached to the card via a 8087 to SATA 4x cable.

      - Multiple SATA ports on the cable have been tried.

      - Two 8087 to SATA cables are available, have both of them, on each port the card contains.  Reboots of ESXi between each attempt to confirm it was booting with the desired test configuration.  This took quite awhile, but I wanted to be certain this was not a dead cable issue.

      - The drive itself has been connected to another computer via USB breakout cables and the drive itself shows up in Windows in Drive Management


      - confirmed in the UI that the correct driver (as per the hardware compatibility guide) was being used for this device [mpt2sas].  Of course, I might be wrong as to the correct driver and if I am, I would like to be corrected.


      While looking around the ESXi UI for this post, I found that the card was disabled.  I enabled it for passthrough and then rebooted.  After rebooting all the native drives in the system disappeared and the number of adapters for storage dropped from 4 to 2 with the LSI card being one of those.  The drive attached to the LSI card still does not show up and the 8 drives that used to show up now no longer do.


      Looking for ideas to try or if anyone has any troubleshooting I can do to try and resolve this issue.


      The card is installed on a Lenovo IBM 3650 M4 with 128 GB of RAM and two XEON processors.


      Thanks in Advance for any help or ideas I can try.