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    vRA 7.6 - bulk import csv generation not working as expected, also using cloudclient

    Czernobog Hot Shot

      I need to export the CSV file for managed machines. It seems that the ~500 VMs in the environment are too much for the process to handle and I get an error 502.

      After that I tried to use the cloudclient 4.7, however, when using the vra machines list command only the resource type and id are exported, like this:


      Virtual Machine,c3d1a38a-f7c0-4b36-a0f4-4e02d94fd979
      Virtual Machine,655d16cb-5b60-44f7-8039-ffb8207e2e39

      There is no name, blueprint id, resource association etc., only those two columns.

      How do I use the cloudclient to receive a vsc file that hase the same content as the export using the GUI?


      Edit: Also, is there a way to filter content that will be exported, using the Generate CSV File function in the GUI? I get a Business Group, Blueprint etc. selection after choosing to export Unmanaged Machines, but when I select Managed Machines, all dropdown fields under Default Values are greyed otu (except Component machine). Is this normal, expected behaviour? Shouldn't it be the other way around? The Bulk Import module seems to be really janky.