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    vRealize Automation 7.5 Cumulative Update Stuck "Patch bundle upload is already in progress"

    Uridium454 Novice

      Just wanted to put something out there in case anyone else runs into this particular issue.  While applying the cumulative update for vRA 7.5 (VMware Knowledge Base), I have ran into an issue in two separate environments in which after the patch is uploaded (progress bar reaches 100%), I am presented with a new screen that just says "Patch bundle upload is already in progress".  No matter the amount of time given to clear this, the screen does not update allowing you to perform the install.  To stop this behavior and move forward with the install, I have had to run the following command from the vRA appliance, and refresh the page:


      rm opt/vmaware/share/htdocs/service/cafe/patch_upload.lock


      This command is noted in the above listed KB, under step three of troubleshooting part 2.


      Hope this helps. :_)