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        nickcasa Novice

        anyone seening problems with w10 1809 blue screen'ing on restart?  it takes about 5 minutes (random vm's) sometimes when i issue a restart.  upgraded all hosts to 6.5u3, the vm's were not re-created, not sure if this matters or not.  i run citrix xendesktop so the vm's are not re-created on restart / shutdown as i believe they are in horizon.  eventually they do reboot, but it takes about 5 mins, startup is about 90s i'd say, not exactly fast, but not too slow either.  storage is all ssd array

        PS - this is the bsod error     driver power state failure

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          Rickje01 Lurker

          I,ve upgarde mine vca an a esxi host to 6.7u3, and place an windows 2016 server om it.

          When i shut down this vm it takes log (5 minutes) before vcneter shows the status poweroff.

          And when i start this vm through vcenter, it takes more than5 minutes before the system starts.


          i'am using chrome en the html5 vsphere client.

          All mine storage is on iscsi vmfs6 volumes.


          is this a bug with esxi6.7u3 and windows servers?



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            Rickje01 Lurker

            i put the vm (Windows 2016 server) back to mine old cluster(esxi6.7u1b) and it start and stop very fast.[vcenter=6.7u3]


            i think this is a bug in 6.7u3 for windows 2016 servers.


            any help or idea is welcome.

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              KjellO Enthusiast



              We see the same BSOD error message on ESXi 6.0 U3 hosts with VMware Tools 10.3.10 and Windows 10 1809.

              If I understood Horizon support correctly the vCenter team are aware of the problem, I will probably open a SR to confirm this.




              It seems VMware Tools 11.0 might have fixed the BSOD issues. So far no BSOD with fully patched Windows 1809 build, and numerous reboots.



              I was wrong... Got BSOD with the Driver Power State Failure message after deploying a new VM from the template I made, with Guest Customization (sysprep).




              VMware debugged the minidump, and it was a known issue that was fixed in VMware Tools 11.0.0.

              Cause :

              • The crash "0x9F DRIVER
                     POWER STATE FAILURE" is due to a hang on the PnP power down.
              • It hangs at the USB controller as windows usb hub driver somehow failed to reset port after controller reset.


              Since I was still getting BSOD, I edited the VM and removed the USB Controller (3.0) and now I don't get a BSOD. I've asked VMware to confirm if this can be fixed.


              VMware confirmed there is an issue with VMware Tools 11.0.0, USB Controller (3.0) and Windows 10 1809.





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