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      • 15. Re: Problem with Windows Server 2019 snapshot quiescing
        bigvern2 Enthusiast

        can someone break this down so we can understand what we are disabling and any caveats, getting confused by quiesce , microsoft vss, vmware vss , vmware snapshot providers etc.


        we have 2019 servers, they were created with GPT (as we went went with uefi default bios which means gpt).


        I am getting quiesce error when trying to clone a VM,  not sure if this means file system quiesce or application VSS quiesce


        If we follow the KB article and do this vss.disableAppQuiescing = true


        what do we loose, I assume it will get rid of the error but then I ask what benifit are we losing as its the default option..


        Also disabling the service as others have mentioned - is that exactly the same effect as the setting above.

        • 16. Re: Problem with Windows Server 2019 snapshot quiescing
          bigvern2 Enthusiast

          This gets worse you know, disabling the service, as suggested by VMware, gives a false positive.


          before disabling;


          if you try and take a  quiesced a snapshot from within VMware it fails with an error - expected


          A non  quiesced snapshot works without error - expected


          A snapshot with memory works - expected


          A clone fails with an error - expected (as it uses snapshots I suspect which default to  quiesce)


          then you disable the service "" vmvss"" within windows (Im GUESSING the hack config file does the same thing ?)


          you then specifically do a  quiesced snapshot,, hey presto it works,, no errors or warnings that there was no  quiescing at all..??

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