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    Suggestion on Hyperconverged Solution

    sc2317 Lurker

      Hi Guys,


      I am looking for some best hyperconverged solutions available in market. Can someone please suggest which one is best based on the experience, performance & cost perspecive. I know there are multiple solutions from different vendors and have myself worked on Cisco Hyperflex. However, want to know if there is any other better solution.

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          dashutosh Novice

          There are a lot of Solutions out there is market like: HP SimpliVity and Maxta Hyper-convergence.


          However i will recommend you to look for Dell EMC VxRack, Dell EMC XC Core.


          They have a good verity of products available and the kind is support that you get with your product is exceptional.

          Please visit the link below for more information:

          Dell EMC VxFlex | Dell EMC India 

          Dell EMC XC Core | Dell EMC US


          Also if you have your existing Hardware which you want to use to configure your Hyper Converged Environment.

          You can use Storage Spaces Direct Feature which comes with Windows Server 2016 and 2019 Operating System.

          This Technology uses your Existing Infrastructure and Configure a Hyper Converged Environment For you:



          Please refer to the below links for more information:

          Storage Spaces Direct overview | Microsoft Docs

          Deploy Storage Spaces Direct | Microsoft Docs

          Please let me know if this is helpful for you.



          Ashutosh Dixit

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            sc2317 Lurker



            Thanks for suggestion. Is there any other good hyperconverged solution apart from Dell VxFlex ? We already have Dell server with VMware VSAN configured on it and we are not happy with it. So, Just wanted to know if there is any other good hyperconverged solution that is famous and not very expensive.

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              sjesse Master

              Look at Netapp's "HCI", we don't have a full load on it yet but it was cheaper the vxrail, and lets you attach outside storage which no one else really does. We replaced our vdi  storage array with this and are in progress of replacing our vdi hosts soon.

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                nachogonzalez Lurker

                I have worked with the folllowing solutions

                Considering they all come in full SSD and Hybrid mode and they have plenty of memory, network and cpu configs i will give you my opinions from other perspective.



                - Best support service in the market.

                - Easy to configure and rack
                - Easy to install
                - Possibly the best HCI solution that I am aware of.

                - Almost plug and play



                It is very expensive



                EMC Vxrail

                - Local support worldwide
                - Very easy to install.


                - Relies very much on PSC, if PSC crashes or deleted you lose the entire VxRail and need to reinstall the entire solution (Been there done that)
                - I get the feeling (and been told by former EMC's engineers) that there is not a lot of expertise on this product.

                - I had a few disk failures.


                Intel HCI

                - Cheaper than the other 2 options
                - Local support and RMA.  (At least in argentina)


                - You need to manually install and configure everything
                - I don't particulary like intel's support.

                - it is not HCI hardware, they are just normal blade severs, I get the feeling that Intel's techs do not have training on this.
                - We had to replace several disks.

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                  sc2317 Lurker

                  Thanks for the suggestion.


                  What is your opinion on Cisco Hyperflex in terms of performance and price ?

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                    nachogonzalez Lurker

                    Sorry i can't respond as I don't have any experience with cisco Hyperflex


                    Regarding performance the three previous had several different layouts but the best overall performer would be Nutanix.

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                      sc2317 Lurker

                      Does VXRail use Nutanix software inside ?


                      Could you please suggest where I can compare the cost of both products like Nutanix and Dell ?

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                        sjesse Master

                        vxrail uses vmware vsan, nutanix uses there own software that no ones else has access to.

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                          jvalentine Novice



                          This is a bit difficult to answer because you have some experience and have some solutions in place , but you don't list your requirements.


                          Do you have unlimited budget? Do you need 104 IOPS or 1.4 Million IOPS.


                          Do you require a single pane of glass to manage it?


                          What does your support staff already have experience with, are they willing to learn a new console?



                          We are a Cisco UCS shop and had been running with Fiber and iSCSI storage. We wanted a new HCI environment for our VDI upgrade and evaluated Hyperflex.. in our case the Hyperflex license added cost to the solution that we already had "paid" for because of our licensing on Horizon which included vSAN.


                          Ultimately we built a 5 Node VSAN cluster on Cisco M5 Hardware and we ended up with a really strong configuration. During our benchmark we exceeded 400,000 IOPS on one test which is more than adequate for our demand.


                          I would be interested to understand what it is about your Dell vSAN that you don't like.. because if you can't determine that I think it would be difficult for you to accept any other HCI.