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    Temporary VMs possible?

    Brethym Lurker

      I was wondering if there is a way to set up VM templates that will be my (Golden Templates) these would be where my Users would pull their Temporary VM's from.  Once they created the VMs, the Users would be able to manipulate the base line so they can test any of their upcoming upgrades or patches.  once done they would be able to take a snapshot of their work but then when they closed the VM it would delete the whole VM itself and they would have to start from the "Golden template" all over again, but they would be able to use their snapshot if wanted.


      Also what I would like to happen is when they create a set of VMs from the Templates I would like them to be in their own independent sandbox so if multiple people are using the same set of VMs from the Same set of Templates they are not configuring each others over the same VLan.


      Hope this makes sense