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    New vcenter and 3 hosts

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      Hi There


      We have some spare kit and i was wondering if it would be ok to create a vcenter, data centre, cluster, using the spare kit on the same network as the production network that has one vcenter, data centre and cluster, obviously the demo vcenter will control the 3 new demo esxi hosts and have nothing to do with the production VMWare.


      I just wanted to check that having to data centres (production and demo ) on the same network is ok and no side effects will happen, this is only for a short period of time say 60 days at the most then it will be binned.


      any information would be greatly appreciated





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          No problem at all, as long as you avoid the IP addresses already used obviously.

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            AlessandroRomeo68 Master



            If I understand correctly, the new Vcenter will only handle the 3 new ESXi hosts and will not interact with the production. If so, there are no problems.

            I advise you only to reserve a range of IP addresses to be used for the test environment, in order not to create IP conflicts with the production.



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              Amin Masoudifard Expert

              Attend to following checklist for your demo datacenter:

              1. Isolate Networking of your new vCenter and hosts that you want to use in this new virtual infra (demo environment) include (IP addresses/Subnets and VLAN IDs if you have) to avoid collision/duplication/conflict.
              2. Separate Storage infrastructure if you need to provide shared datatstore on your demo cluster or use some virtual storage provider (Like iSCSI target or Open Filer). Don't use existing storage systems because you will impose more IO to them.
              3. If you need Backup, Monitoring or any other related system that you want to use for this new virtualization, install temp and fresh servers is recommended and don't use existing provided solutions.
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