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    port forwarding

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      I have an issue on my external router with forwarding the same port for different web servers and wonder if this can be done via Load Balancing on NSX-T and then point all ports to LB VIP on external router?



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          I have read this article and it may be useful to you:


          Provisioning a Load Balancer for the NSX-T v2.4 Management Cluster



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            mauricioamorim Expert
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            With the NSX-T LB you can have a virtual server that receives all your requests on a given port and redirects them to specific server pool according to configured rules.


            Take a look at the presentation in NSX-T LB Encyclopedia , which shows many ways of doing this, more specifically at the part about LB Rules (HTTP or HTTPS).


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              Rob80 Novice

              Hi all,


              I followed NSX-T LB Encyclopadia, section L7 HTTPS and done the following settings:

              • Load balancer I setup and connected to T1 router
              • Build 2 number of virtual servers where one with port 443 and second with port 80 on teh same LB VIP ip
              • point DNS records to LB VIP which is on the same subnet as Sharepoint servers
              • and finally I have added two server pools with 2 IP's from sharepoint WFE's (first pool => WFE1:80 second pool => WFE1:443 and WFE2 respectively)


              Giving all above, when I type LB VIP ip to the address bar it loads to IIS website, which I presume demonstrates that LB does works however if I type site collection http address it allows me to login but it won't load anything.


              Any help would be appreciated.



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                mauricioamorim Expert
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                Have you configured persistance? If you have authentication on your web server persistance is important so that subsequent request doesn't go to another server that did not go through authentication process.

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                  Rob80 Novice

                  I have added persistence to the load balancer however it didn't resolved an issue as I keep getting login window poping out, even if I typing correct login details. Basically cannot login to the site/s.